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The Infinite Bank Card offers a rare opportunity to own one of the greatest wealth building assets ever created, along with a cutting edge app and a personalized charge card. Behold your new financial super powers.

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Membership Benefits

No other program in the world offers the substantial earning power and financial protection of Infinite Card. Your personal financial advisor and your personal concierge are available around the clock to provide support, or help with travel, accommodations and entertainment.



Flexible premiums adapt to changes or unforeseen circumstances in your life.



Life insurance policy protects you and your family from financial disaster.



Earn compounding interest at a guaranteed rate, with downside protection.



Your agent and a personal concierge provide customer service to you 24/7.



Spending limits that increase automatically as cash values in the policy accrue.



No underwriting. Low interest rates. Instant approval for policy loans.

How It Works


Hit your goals

Set your monthly budget, then watch your wealth grow.

Manage transactions

View your card balance, set spending limits, and transactions.

Virtual cards

Transfer money instantly to any contact with a virtual card.

Bank transfers

Transfer money in an out of your bank accounts.


Key Advantages

  • High yield, compounding interest
  • Zero market volatility
  • Tax advantaged growth
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Get out of debt now, a start investing in your future.

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Think you don't have room in your budget to invest? Let us show you how with a complimentary financial review.

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Our mission to create a nation of wealthy asset owners. We can help you achieve your financial goals in less time than you think.

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Success stories from clients just like you.

This app changed our family's life! We set our goals and achieved them, and now we actually have a retirement plan. Thank you!

Financial plan was spot on. It helped us gain control of our finances in tough times. We are so thankful!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe everyone deserves the freedom and peace of mind knowing you are growing your wealth steadily, and your family is protected from financial disaster.

We offer a free consultation, book an appointment now so that we can understand your entire financial situation and your goals. Let's work together to develop a roadmap to get there without straining your finances.

We are a new kind of financial product that combines the high growth and protection of an insurer, with the benefits of a high limit charge card.

WE are are an insurance broker, not a bank. However, we work directly with our banking partners to provide you a seamless banking experience. Our partners are highly reputable banks that manage our client's accounts, issue debit cards, implement anti-fraud measures and mitigate risk, so you can transact with your card seamlessly and securely. See important disclosures, terms of service and privacy policies for detailed information on our banking relationships.

As financial advisors, we are highly regulated. We take our fiduciary duty to our clients very seriously. We only work with A-rated insurance carriers, we have over 100 in the network so we can find the best policy for your needs.

Each of the insurers we work with have been in business for a very long time. In fact, some have been around for a century or longer, and will be there for you and your beneficiaries when you need them most.

The Infinite Bank Card can be used for payment wherever Visa is accepted. Visa's merchant network is one of the most widely trusted payment processing networks in the world.

The Infinite Bank App works in parallel to your account to allow you digital innovations like virtual cards, same day transfers, and instant credit line approvals.

We are licensed professionals that represent consumers, not the insurers. Our job is to continually research insurers and their products on behalf of our clients, so that we are in the best position to advise them when choosing a policy.

The service is free to our clients. As such, we choose to work with over 100 A-rated insurers, and earn commission only when we sell a policy that fits our client's needs.

Insurance is a complex product. We understand it can be frustrating to find the best policy for your needs.

We request competitive quotes from different insurers on behalf of our clients, then review each to evaluate the best options for our clients.

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